Richard Kuefler

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Who am I?

I am a web programmer, application programmer, game programmer, and chainsaw artist.

Web programming

I started web programming around 2002, only developing several personal websites. I started designing and programming professional websites several years later. If you are interested in getting a website designed or improving your current website, please contact me at 1 (586) 212-2999.

Example: Dalionos

Video Game Developer

In 2015, I co-founded Ministers of Code LLC. A company that will release video games.

Chainsaw artist

I have been a chainsaw artist for nearly eight years. Anything you can think of, I can carve it. I’ve carved and have my carvings far around the county, and even as far as Japan. You can see some of my carvings on one of my Pinterest boards here.


I was a tutor at Macomb Community College for roughly 8 years. Since the Covid-19 I discontinued tutoring through the college, but I am still available for private tutoring sessions for courses such as ITCS-1010, ITCS-1140, ITCS-1160, ITCS-1170, ITCS-1180, ITCS-1230, ITCS-1250, ITCS-1400, ITCS-1950, ITCS-2000, ITCS-2050, ITCS-2220, ITCS-2250, ITCS-2530, ITCS-2550, ITCS-2590, ITCS-2620, ITCS-2830, ITWP-1000, ITWP-1050, ITWP-1100, ITWP-2400, ITWP-2750, ITWP-2600, ITIA-1500, and ITML-1000. If you would like to setup a private session, please call me at 1(586) 212-2999.